About Me

So, what is my story?  Good question!  The thing is, I have tons of stories, and I seem to develop more at an alarming rate.  Hence, the blog.

Basically, I woke up at the age of 40, and realized I was living someone elses life.  I absolutely love my children, that never has and never will change, but I wasn’t happy, and I knew I had to make some serious changes.  I couldn’t live the way I had been anymore, but I had no idea what to do about it.

My marriage at that point had been dead for years.  I knew it, and I believe my husband Bob knew it too.  I was too afraid to do anything about it up to that point, and Bob was too complacent.  We lived around each other, not with each other for years.  Finally, on the anniversary of my son Daniel’s death, Bob told me he hadn’t loved me in years, and said he wanted a divorce.  Shortly after that, I had an affair with someone half my age.  I started a blog, quite simply, because I couldn’t afford therapy.

I moved out of Bob’s house for 6 months, but when he lost his job, I moved back in for financial reasons.  We now try really hard to get along as friends, and usually succeed.

My story has been rocky, there have been periods of deception, and times of great pain.  There have also been times of great self discovery, and immeasurable joy.  My story is very much still unfolding.  This blog is a documentation of my journey.


2 Responses to About Me


    You have been thru alot…I commend u, for making the changes u saw necessary.

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