reconnections.netI love words. I think that even as a child I was aware on some level the power words have over people. I believe in words, I put my trust in them, more than I do in people.

Words can make you fall in love. They can restore your faith. They can enable you to see inside another persons heart, and allow others to see inside yours.

I share my words freely, with abandon, or at least I once did. There is a very real and present danger in doing that, because then you are open, exposed, vulnerable.

Words can break your heart, shatter your soul. Sometimes this can be unintentionally done by someone who does not understand the power of their words, but more often it is intentional, and cruel. These words are brandished like weapons, sharp as swords, cutting to the quick. The victim of these attacks are scarred, and forever changed, for better or worse.

I shared my words with you today. I don’t know if you acknowledged them for the gift they were meant to be, or the frightening power I gave you. Now, you can take those words, twist them and hurl them back at me with venom and malice the way you did once before. Or you can keep them, see them for the olive branch they are, and nurture them into friendship. The choice is yours. They are, after all, just words.

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