We Have To Stop This

Know what makes me mad?  The fact that children are coming to a point where they feel that it is better to be dead than to be who they are.  These kids are being tortured.  Every day.  All the time.  And they are dying. We have to stop this.

I am angry at the people bullying, obviously.  It goes deeper than that, though.  I am angry at their parents, for allowing their children to use words like gay, or faggot, or queer as an insult.  Maybe they don’t know their kids are doing this, okay, my question then is why?  Why don’t they know?  They need to know.  We have to stop this.

I am angry at the teachers, and faculty in the schools.  My mother is a teacher.  I know teachers hear what goes on in the hallways.  I believe that it is their responsibility, their job, to stop it.  I was teased in school.  It was truly horrible.  These days though?  Twenty times worse.  Now, we have the internet, this wonderful thing that I love so much.  For some of these children, it is just another vehicle of torture.  So now there is no safe place.  There is no shutting the door at the end of the school day.  Bullying is now a 24/7 business.  We have to stop this.

I am angry at all of the bystanders, the people who hear the names, see the fights, read the posts, and do…..nothing.  I understand that they might be afraid, I do.  I know they don’t want to lose their friends.  I know that they don’t want the bullying to be turned on them.  Silence, in this case, is deadly.  We have to stop this.

So how do we stop it?  I wish I knew.  I wish that I had a magic answer that would keep even one more person from suffering, but I don’t.  I can teach my children, and I do.  I tell them that making fun of a person for being gay makes as much sense as making fun of a person for having blond hair, or green eyes.  I tell them if they hear it, to stop it.  I try to make them understand that gay is just who some people are, like some people are straight.  No better, no worse.  Most of all, I tell them that loving someone is and never will be wrong.  Because, people, we have to stop this.

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5 Responses to We Have To Stop This

  1. Jolie says:

    I talk to Sharkman a lot about these kinds of things because I believe that, as a parent and a queer, my activism begins at home.

    It’s a tough world, but sometimes the only way we can change it is by teaching our children both to do and to expect better.

    My mother is also a teacher (another commonality)! I have spent a lot of time talking to her and helping to educate both her absurd teacher friends about this kind of bullying. We have a long way to go, but I do believe that we are making steps forward.

    That’s what helps me sleep at night.

  2. I agree, this is a very serious problem. I was bullied in school too. But at the time, it was never a gay thing… I never knew any gay kids until late high school. It was glasses or braces or smaller boys or bigger girls… etc. What gives ANYONE the right to harass anyone else on any basis. We’re all people, with the unalienable right to be ourselves and be happy about it.

  3. Jenn says:

    I fully believe it begins at home.

    My son (and his classmates) have been the victim of a bully – for no other reason than he can do it to them.

    His mother thinks he is perfect and can do no wrong.
    He gets everything he wants, and is rarely disciplined – but this seems to be a common denominator amongst the really “naughty” boys at school – their parents give them no boundaries.

    As parents, it is our job to BE a parent, set positive examples, and let our children form their own opinions.

    You’re doing all you can for your kids. Well done.

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