Forgiving Someone Else

Day 4: Something you have to forgive someone for…………..

Lucky for me, this assignment does not say I have to forgive someone, just that I acknowledge that there is something I should forgive someone for.  That, I can do.

I should forgive my ex for a lot of things.  For the most part, I have.  I have not been able to forgive him for trying to turn my children against me.  I cannot forgive him telling children that are too young to hear, hideous partial truths and thinly veiled lies about me.  I cannot forgive him encouraging my children to say hateful things to me, and laughing when they do.  I cannot forgive him for encouraging hate.  I can’t, but I should.

Maybe one day I will be able to.  I really hope so.  The only way I can see that happening though, is if he stops what he is doing.  If he stops talking to children like they are adults.  If he stops trying to draw dividing lines in our family.  I truly hope he will.

What I can do, is promise that I will not do the same.  I will not try to turn our kids against him.  I will not make them feel like they need to choose between us.  I will continue to try to encourage peace and healing.  That much, I can do.

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