It Does Get Better

This is for you,

you young, disheartened youth.

The ones who walk through the halls of your schools, and your homes,



You don’t want to draw attention,

don’t want to make a scene,

don’t want anyone to notice,

the difference.

Your difference.

You see it in their faces, hear it in their hushed laughter,

the whispers behind cupped hands.

They know.

They know, and they hurl venom filled words like daggers through your heart

They know,

and their fists bloody lips, but their contempt bruises souls,

They know.  And you know, that your life will be hell.

As teachers turn a blind eye,

and principals shake their head and look away

You feel like giving up

Because the torture goes on


after day

And who wouldn’t give up when the option is hell?

But wait

I promise

five years after highschool,

those tormenters, the ones with the Colgate smiles,

the shiny Barbie doll hair,

with Ken by her side.

The football player

who is worshiped by students and faculty alike

will be fat, and balding

and spend their time reliving their Glory Days

because now is their only time to shine.

And you,

you will learn how to  hold your head high,

and spread your wings.

And five years after highschool

You will shine brighter than they ever dreamed of shining.

Because you are strong,

and you are a gift

and you will know this

because, believe me,

It does get better.

This is a rather pathetic attempt at poetry.  This is in response to the many, many blogs and videos for the “It does Get Better campaign.

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