To Tell Everything

Day 29: Someone you wish you could tell everything to…………….

Dear Finding Authenticity,

So yeah, I’m writing a letter to my blog.  On my blog.

I’m not crazy at all.

The thing is, this is the place that I wish I could tell it all.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  Really just let it all hang out, kind of a purging of the mind and soul, if you will.  I wish I could, but I can’t.

I’ve come close a few times, and invariably, they are the posts that get the most traffic.  They are also, and more importantly, the posts I am the most proud of.  That should tell me something, and it does.

But I can’t tell you everything, you see.  As safe and protected as I feel when I write here, and as much as I love my regular readers, and the friends I’ve made online, there are people who read this, who aren’t so supportive.  Okay, so there is ONE person who reads this that isn’t so supportive.  Who isn’t supportive at all.

Those posts that I’m proud of?  The raw, uncensored, real ones?  The fallout from them is remarkable.  My words, my feelings, are thrown in my face when I am at my lowest.  Better yet, my words are misinterpreted, taken out of context, and made into something they were never meant to be.  It’s not right.  It’s not fair.  But it is.

I think, in a way, this is an attempt to make me take you down.  To stop writing.  That, will never happen.  What I have found is that for whatever reason, some people just don’t want anyone to find their voice.  They don’t want others to find happiness, because they themselves are so miserable.  I choose to be happy, and now that I have found my voice, I choose to use it.

So, there are things that I hide.  There are things that I don’t discuss with you the way I should.  One day soon, that will change, I hope.  Until then, I will keep writing, and keep getting close.



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One Response to To Tell Everything

  1. Paula says:

    You will soon be able to write what you want the way you want to. That person feels bad because he doesn’t want the ugly truth of who they are thrown out to the world.

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