A Letter To My Reflection

Day 30: Your reflection in the mirror………..

Dear Reflection,

First of all, I gotta say congratulations on making it through this writing challenge.  I admit, I didn’t think you would stick it out.  It seems you’ve been working on that commitment phobia you had going there.  Good for you!

I think I’m starting to like you a lot more than I used to.  Certainly more than I did say four years ago.  I definitely know you better now than I ever did before, probably not as well as I should, but getting there.

That crap that your ex tells you?  It’s just that, a bunch of crap.  He sees that you are no longer taking responsibility for his life and his happiness and it pisses him off.  Know what?  Let him be pissed!  He might just get off his ass and take control of his own life, but if he doesn’t, it’s not your problem.  Don’t let him make you think it is.

I’m glad you have finally taken those blinders of yours off.  You know, the ones you wore and saw everyone as nice sweet innocent people with your best interest at heart?  Yeah, barf!  You are smarter than that, for the love of all things Holy, act it!

I hope you learned something from this challenge.  I have certainly learned a lot about you.  Keep learning, okay?



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One Response to A Letter To My Reflection

  1. Paula says:

    So glad this is the last one. Don’t know how many more rolls of toilet paper I could have gone through. You worry about you and the kids, let everyone else figure out what to do w/ their own lives.

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