You Changed My Life

Day 28: Someone that changed your life……………………..

Dear Anonymous,

In my lifetime, several people have changed my life.  My children, my husband (for better or worse), my close friends.  And you.  You changed my life, and I think you should know that.

When we met, I was…lost.  I thought all of the really great things in life had passed me by, and all that was left was for me to stagnate, to tread water, until I die.  I thought all of my “firsts” were over.  I wasn’t happy, but I never really thought about that.

I thought I knew who I was, back then.  I thought I knew what I was and wasn’t capable of.  I had done a lot, up to that point.  A lot had been done to me.  Out of all of it, I had a little niche carved out for myself.  Not exactly comfortable, but not uncomfortable either.

You taught me that just existing wasn’t really living.  You reminded me that I wasn’t too old to give and receive love.  With you, I didn’t have to be anyone or anything but myself, and somehow, that was enough for you.  You showed me how to expect more.  You made me believe I deserved more.

So, let me give you some advice, friend to friend.  You deserve more too.  You deserve more than being with someone, just to avoid being alone.  You deserve better than giving all of your love to someone who, for whatever reason, will never be able to love you the way you want to be loved in return.

You changed my life.  I hope I changed yours in some way, too.


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