The Friendliest Person

Day 27: The friendliest person you knew for only one day…………….

Dear Allison,

I don’t know if you will remember me.  We have a mutual friend.  Years ago, I went back to New Jersey to stay with her for the weekend.  We went out one night with you.  You are older than we are, and you radiated confidence and maturity.

I was in awe of you.  I was very insecure back then, and your openness and confidence was something I envied.  I had a lot of fun with you that night.  As I got to know you more, I found that you were funny, and smart, and had an aura of friendliness, that drew in everyone around you.

I never saw you again, after that weekend.  I heard about you occasionally, through our friend.  Shortly after I came back to Maryland, I found that I was pregnant.  Nine months later, I named my little girl Allison, in the hope that she would one day possess the qualities I so admired in you.  Know what?  She does.



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