The Worst of Times

Day 25:  The person you know that is going through the worst of times……………..

Dear Chris,

I know that you are upset right now.  I know that you are vacillating between hurt, anger, and depression, sometimes at alarming rates.  I know that you fantasize about beating someone up to “get even”, falling on your knees to beg for another chance, or moving on to create a feeling of jealousy in someone else.  I know all of these things, because I have been where you are right now, more times than I care to remember.  It hurts, and it sucks.  It also gets easier.  That I can tell you for sure.

I do care about you, and I do consider you my friend.  You extended kindness to me when I desperately needed it, and I will never forget that.  You do realize, though, that Paula is my best friend, right?  You know I will always take her side, have her back, so to speak.  Don’t get me wrong, I will listen to you, if you need someone to talk to, but in the end, my loyalty is and always will be with her.

A year ago, you and Paula were giving me pep talks.  So if you need one, I am here.  Again, I promise you, it does get easier.



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