Dear Jayden

Day 23: The last person you kissed……….

Dear Jayden,

You, my sweet little man, are the last person I kissed.  Your kisses are gifts that I treasure.  Before you came along, and even after you came along for a bit, I did not want to be called Grandmom.  No Grandmom, Mom-Mom, Nana, none of them!  It wasn’t you, I just didn’t feel old enough for the title.  I thought it somehow signaled the beginning of the end of my life.  I mean, really sweetie, I still go to rock concerts, I am nowhere near ready to be someone’s Mom-Mom!  That’s what I thought.  Until the first time you said Grandmom.  Then I figured it would be okay.

Recently, you did something even better.  You put your cute little arms around my neck and said “I love you, Grandmom.”  Then, well, then there was no one else I would rather be.

You have brought a whole new joy to my life.  Your smile can make me happy on the worst of days.  Your laughter makes me laugh.  I could not love you any more if I had given birth to you myself, and I am so happy that you came into our family.  You are a truly special little man, and I cannot wait to see the amazing things you do with your life.

All My Love,


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