I Judged You

Day 21: Someone you judged by their first impression……………………..

Dear Co Worker,

I never thought of myself as a person who would judge someone.  I somehow thought I was better than that.  I did with you, though.  When I met you, I thought you were incredibly anal, incapable of having a good time, in short, a bitch.  I believe at the time, the term I used was twat-waffle.  I was wrong.

A couple of months after I made these assumptions, I had to work with you, alone.  All night.  I was prepared to be miserable.  You proved to be completely different from anything I ever thought you were.  I had so much fun working with you that night, and several nights since then.  I hope you did as well.

I have learned from this.  I am really going to be much more conscious of how I form opinions about people.  I want to be better than that.  I’m glad that we are friends.


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