To The Person I Wish I Was

Day 18: The person you wish you could be……………..

Dear Jenn,

I really admire you and the way you live your life.  I love how you accept mistakes you have made as learning experiences and move on, instead of dwelling on them, or repeating them.

I love how you look for the good in everyone you meet.  It’s admirable that you never have a bad thing to say about anyone, even if they aren’t one of your favorite people.  Even if they have hurt you in the past.  I would really like to have your ability to forgive people without opening yourself up for more hurt.  That is a skill that few people have, I think.

The relationship that you have with your children is inspiring.  It must make you proud that they come to you with everything.  I am sure the honest, open relationship you share with them will affect them throughout their lives.

I love that honesty is so important to you, and you aren’t afraid to be honest with everyone, especially yourself.  That is a big reason why you love and are loved so well.

I hope you meet you soon.



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