Dear Tim, a Letter

Day 15: The person that you miss the most………..

Dear Tim,

You may be surprised that this letter goes to you.  I’m not sure you realize the huge role you played in my life.

You were my best friend from sixth grade, through highschool.  You were the only one who could always make me laugh, no matter what.  When I went through that weird, it’s cool to be depressed phase, you were the one who told me I was being an ass.  Thanks again for that, by the way.  I was so painfully shy as a young girl, you were the most gregarious person I have ever known, and I made most of the friends I had in highschool through you.

You taught me about religion, and about faith.  Being raised in such a religious family, you knew the difference between those two terms.  Learning from you lead me on my own spiritual search that has lasted years.  I have learned so much along the way, and I owe my initial questioning to you.

You were the first homosexual I have ever known.  Watching your coming out process, knowing the repercussions you were facing, filled me with pride and earned you my undying admiration.  I am so proud of the strength and courage you showed, especially in someone so young.

After highschool, our letters and phone calls slowly died away as we both became involved in our own lives.  I think of you often, I hope you know that.  I know that you are married now, and I truly hope you are every bit as happy as you deserve to be.  I hope your husband knows how lucky he is to have you.  Most of all, I hope we meet again some day.



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