Day 9 The Future Me

Day 9: The person you would like to meet……..

Dear Future Me,

I guess you aren”t really the person I would like to meet, as much as a person I will meet, eventually.  I happen to have a vested interest in your life, however, so I would really love a chance to meet you now, and tell you some things.

I hope that you have, at long last, figured out what is going on with you.  I hope you have found your authentic self, and you were happy with who that person is.  I hope that you live in peace, the way you always said you wanted to.

I like to think that you have surrounded yourself with positive, caring people who love you for who you are, and will be there for you, no matter what.  I like to think that you are happy, that you have found love, and were willing and able to open yourself, allow yourself to be vulnerable enough, to accept that love.

I really hope that you have been able to take all of the painful memories of the past, and learn from them.  I hope that you never forgot those lessons, or how hard you fought.  I hope that you have learned not to be so hard on yourself, and to forgive yourself as easily as you have forgiven other people in your life.  I hope that you have learned not to forgive quite as easily as you once did.

I hope that you still give love as freely as you do now, but only to people who deserve that love.  I hope you no longer allow people to trample on your heart, and your feelings anymore.  For the love of all things Holy, I hope you are not still believing every half-hearted profession of love that comes your way, and are able to discern who has true intentions, and who is looking for an opportunity to use you, or trow your own words in your face as soon as your guard is down.

If all of these things are true for you now, congratulations.  I am very proud of you, and you should be, too.  If they aren’t, hopefully you are closer to them than ever before, and I know that you won’t ever give up until they become your reality.



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