To My Dreams

Day 5: Your Dreams………

Dear Dreams,

You’ve really taken a bad rap for a long time, haven’t you?  I have been called a dreamer as an insult for so long that I really started to believe it was an insult, and I resented you deeply.  I mean, how dare you keep popping up, when I told you repeatedly that I wanted to deal with reality and keep my head and feet firmly on the ground thankyouverymuch.  You may have taken a temporary leave of absence here or there, but you were never gone for long, damn you.  Thank you for that.

I know now that you are what keep me going, keep me on my toes, keep trying.  I know now that being a dreamer isn’t a bad thing, not at all.  A dreamer aspires for more, for better, for themselves and for everyone they love.  A dreamer sees potential in things that seem lost, see what can be, instead of what is.  A dreamer puts her dreams out there to the Universe, and knows, beyond any possibility of doubt, that she will be given the tools to make those dreams a reality.  I know that, because I am a dreamer.

So I am asking a favor of you now.  Forgive me for giving you such a hard time, and keep on coming to me.  I have worked too hard, and come too far to back down now.  You knew that from the start, I guess, but I’m just finding that out now.  So if you don’t give up. I won’t give up on you, either.  I think know that you are worth it.



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