30 Day Letter Challenge Day 2

Day 2: Your crush…….

Dear Crush,

I guess it’s a little odd for a grown woman to have a celebrity “crush” but I have never been known to behave the way I am supposed to, so honestly, why start now?  I am glad I have a chance to tell you, although I am sure you will never actually read this, how much I admire you, and am inspired by you.

I admire you’re talent, obviously.  I have never mentioned you to anyone that hasn’t had something good to say about you.  The ability to make people laugh is a very rare and amazing gift.  What makes you even more enjoyable is that watching you, it is so clear that you are doing what you love.  That makes all the difference, no matter what field.  I commend you on finding what you love to do, and perfecting your craft so well.

I admire that you use your fame to make our world a better place.  You have strong beliefs, and are not afraid to defend them.  I love that you live what you say, and encourage others to do the same without forcing your beliefs or preaching to your audience.  That is a refreshing change from so many celebrities.

Most of all. I have nothing but the highest respect for the way you refuse to hide who you are.  I talk a lot about being “authentic”,  I even named my blog about the search for authenticity.  There came a time, when you had a decision to make.  Hide who you are, or risk losing everything, even your career.  I love that you refused to back down.  The happiness, and true contentment that radiates from you as a result?  That, that is what I want.  That is why I have embarked on this journey to find authenticity.

I love the way you look at your wife.  The love that you share is so evident, no one could ever deny it.  It is a beautiful thing.  There are so many people who would disagree with me, but I know, without a single doubt, that love like that is not, and never could be, wrong.  It is love.  Pure, simple, love.  I will always admire your willingness to show that love to everyone who sees you.

Thank you for being a role model to so many young people in the world today.  Thank you for bringing laughter in a time in our country when there is so little to laugh at.  I appreciate it greatly, and I know I am not alone.

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One Response to 30 Day Letter Challenge Day 2

  1. Rachel says:

    It’s Ellen!!!

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