The Ghost Took My Socks

My best friend lives in a haunted house.

No, really it’s true!  I know, I’m not supposed to believe in ghosts and stuff cause I’m like, a grownup and all, but I lived in this very same house for six months, and I’m telling you, there are supernatural beings about.  There were many incidents that are probably blog posts in themselves, like being in the house alone, doing laundry, and “someone” lifted the lid to the washing machine, but I will tell them another day.  Promise.

First, you should know that this house belonged to her sister before she bought it, and has been haunted for years.  However, about a year ago, Paula became a Wiccan, and the ghostly activity has increased greatly.  Yes, my best friend is a witch.  It’s not as freaky as it sounds, and if you knew Paula, totally normal for her.

So I spent the night at Paula’s house after our totally awesome combined birthday party.  The next morning we decided to go out to breakfast.  We were getting ready, and I pulled a pair of socks out of my overnight bag.  I put them on the bed and went to the bathroom to wash and change.  I came back to get my socks, they were gone.

Me: Paula, where did my socks go?

Paula: I don’t know, where did you put them?

Me: On the bed.

Paula: Are they there now?

Me: Yes Oh brilliant one!  That is exactly where they are.  Why the HELL would I ask you about them if they were here?

Paula: Are you still drunk?

Me: Oh dear Lord. No honey, I’m not.

Paula: Well, maybe you should be, cause you’re a little bit bitchy.

Me: I wouldn’t be bitchy if I had my socks!

We looked everywhere.  We unpacked my bag, checked the bathroom, under the bed, in the sheets.  Finally admitting defeat, I borrowed a pair from Paula, and we went out to breakfast.  Everyone in the house.  We had fun, and I forgot about my socks.  We returned to the house a few hours later, and I went to get my bag to go home.  my SOCKS WERE SITTING ON TOP OF THE DAMN BAG!!!

Me: PAULA!  Your damn ghosts!

Paula: What happened?

Me: (dangling missing socks in front of her face) On top of my bag!  Really?  Why mess with a slightly hung over person in a fragile mental state?

Paula: (laughing hysterically) I don’t know!  But I’m gonna ask tonight.

She did ask later that evening. She texted me later, while I was at work.  “They said they took your socks for fun.”

I have the strangest friends in the world.

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