Mommakiss Meme

I borrowed a meme from Mommakiss for today’s post.  If you haven’t read her blog, you simply must, this woman is hilarious!  Like spit coffee all over my keyboard funny.

1. coffee or soda in the morning?
Definitely coffee, not just in the morning, pretty much all day.  At work I substitute Diet Pepsi or Red Bull.

2. ymail or gmail?
I have both, but I’m pretty much a yahoo girl

3. honesty or little white lies?
Honesty.  For better or worse.

4. toilet paper roll over the top or from the bottom?
This is actually a big thing with me.  Clearly, it is meant to go over, but some sicko in my house keep hanging it the wrong way.  When I find the culprit, they will pay.

5. wine or beer?
Yes please!

6. sex…front? Back? Top? Bottom?
Usually bottom, though top is good too.  Never, ever from behind cause that’s just wrong.

7. related: rock the pizza slice bush or brazillian?
Totally naked, thanks for asking

8. cowboys or clowns?
Cowboys.  Hot cowboys

9. talk on the phone or text?
Oddly enough, I prefer to text

10. forgive and forget? or forgive, but hold a grudge?

Always forgive, never forget, really try not to hold a grudge.

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One Response to Mommakiss Meme

  1. MommaKiss says:

    Thanks for playing!! too funny. and stop spitting coffee 😉

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