It’s amazing, really.  Bob lies to his kids.  Bob gets drunk (using back to school money to do it, I might add.)  Bob comes home and screams homophobic, ugly, nasty things on the top of his lungs throughout the house, waking everyone in the process.  And the next day?  I feel like crap.  Amazing.

No. I don’t believe the shit he says to me and about me when he is drinking.  I don’t think my kids hate me.  I don’t think I am going to hell.  I feel terrible though, because I see the look on my kids faces, without the benefit of alcohol induced blurred vision.  It absolutely sucks to be married to an alcoholic, but it is so, so much worse to be the child of an alcoholic.  I am seriously going to look into therapy for them, because the have a suckity sucky dad who seems to be hell-bent on messing them up for life.  I need Dr. Phil.  And Oprah.  Okay, yeah, probably Jerry Springer, too.

Since the most recent “event”, I have talked to all of the kids, and I am reasonably sure they are okay.  They insist they are anyway.  It’s hard, with teenagers  though.  I mentions feelings, they usually get a deer in the headlights look and make a desperate mad dash to safety.  I guess that’s normal though.  I bet they wouldn’t try to escape from Dr. Phil though.

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One Response to Amazing

  1. Paula says:

    So only one of them really needs Jerry Springer. As an adult who had an alcoholic parent, seriously get them into therapy. My father wasn’t abusive, but look at how messed up my relationships have been.

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