I’ve Moved!

So,  I decided to move my little part of the internet world to wordpress.  I hope that all of my many five readers can find me.  If you are here though, welcome!  I have a lot of plans for this new home of mine, and it is still very much under construction, so please be patient.

First thing that is different is obviously, the name.  Since beginning my blog last December, a lot of thing have changed in my life, and I really feel that my blog should reflect those changes.  I love the idea of authenticity, and I am on a journey to find it.

Second, and this is a little scary for me, I have decided to use real names in my blog from now on.  I have discussed the possibility with my family, and they aren’t opposed to it, so I’m gonna go for it.  I worry about respecting their privacy, so I will pay close attention to that.

Third, I added an about me page.  It is a very honest overview of  the reason I started a blog.

There will be more to come.  As I said this is very much under construction, as am I.

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