My 17 year old Mother

I don’t think I have ever discussed the topic of Mr. Wrong’s relationship with Tinkerbell here before. Tink is MW’s first biological child. From the moment she was born, the sun has risen and set on her as far as he is concerned. He occasionally gets angry with her, but with one bat of her ‘I’m so sorry daddy’ lashes, he melts. He absolutely cannot stand the thought of her being mad at him, and she knows it and uses that to her full advantage.

This would not be a problem if Tink were an average teenager. The reality is, Tink is anything but average. I have had problems with her that I never experienced with any of my other children. Before BabyG, she ran away. Often. For days at a time. She came home drunk. She cursed us both out when the mood struck. And, oh yeah, SHE HAD A FREAKIN BABY AT FIFTEEN!!! Problems? Oh yeah, Tink knows how to bring them.

In all honesty, she is a much easier person to live with since she had BabyG. However, we have a new problem. Tink now thinks she is my mother. Yes, I have a seventeen year old mother now. She tells me what to do. She tells me when to do it. She tells me HOW to do it. She does the same thing with MW. He allows her to do it. I think he secretly thinks its cute. I however, do not. Needless to say, we bump heads a million times a day over everything from how I wash dishes to how I raise my children. She is as stubborn as I am, so these disagreements and power struggles can go on for days.

Usually, Tink is either angry at me or her dad, never both of us at once. Yes, I see how she turns us against each other, but I have to admit, when it’s my turn to be the “good parent” I appreciate the peace, no matter how temporary it may be. However, since MW and I have been trying to be friends lately, Tink has changed her MO. Now she is out for blood. MY blood. The better MW and I get along, the worse Tink acts. So, what to do, what to do. Seriously, what do I do? I cannot let her run my house and my life, and I will not live with constant fighting. Short of buying her a muzzle, I am out of ideas so if you have any advice, I would love to hear it. By the way, I HATE being the bad parent!

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