My last post was a total downer, to quote one of my many favorite 80’s sayings. That is because, my life right now is a total downer. Interesting thing though. Mr. Wrong always reads my blogs. Always. I think he is probably my biggest lurker. So, I was a little worried about posting that last night. We have argued before about posts, and I was mentally preparing myself from the time I hit publish. He never said a word. I am reasonably sure that he read it, like I said, he always reads my blogs. So, this means what exactly? I have no idea. Does it mean he is so angry that he doesn’t want to talk about it? Or, does it mean that he really doesn’t care how much he hurt me?

This not talking about the big elephant in the room is driving me crazy! It’s funny, this time last year, Mr. Wrong was constantly demanding that I talk to him. If I didn’t talk to him, well, doors were broken, objects were thrown, general destruction ensued. So, where did this need to talk go? Now that I would LOVE for him to want to talk to me, I live in icy silence. Sometimes we “surface talk”, about the kids, the news, something on television, no real talk. It kills me to think this, but I really believe that this is all part of his getting back at me. For most people, this would seem to have been a very long, detailed plan, just for payback. They don’t know Mr. Wrong. He would totally do something this detailed, and more.

So, aside from trips to Starbucks with Mama Ho, I am still not quite sure what to do about this situation at all. I guess, as with so many things in my life, it’s a game of wait and see.

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One Response to Confusion

  1. paulapet says:

    wow the wait & see game is very popular these days

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