Too Much Information

I think I am a reasonably nice person. I try to listen to others thoughts and feelings, and give them value. I genuinely do care about my friends lives, and I am more than happy to talk to any of them when they are having a problem, or when they are happy about some new development. I really, really am. Also, I should add that I pride myself on being friends with a wide variety of people. People of all different ages, religions, political beliefs. I am proud to say that I am able to maintain meaningful friendships regardless of our beliefs, and I enjoy learning about their perspective. However, there comes a point when enough is enough.

Lately, my homepage on facebook is filled with mildly nauseating status updates. “Going out with my baby”, “missing my baby”, “I love my baby”. Gag. Do I really need to bear witness to people, supposedly adults, running their love life online? Is there no point that we keep some things behind closed doors? Mr. Wrong, being not the most mature person on the planet, has ran wild with this. For an entire week, I have recieved updates, texts, and even him SPEAKING “crossing the street with my baby”, “shopping with my baby” , “My baby called me an ass”, “Why did my baby just punch me? Now I’m sad”. I’m telling you, it’s out of control.

Just about an hour ago, while I was mentally preparing this very post, I logged into facebook. “Happy three month anniversary,baby! I love you!” So, this, though belated, is for my dear Mr. Wrong. Happy 212 month anniversary, baby!

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