Tonights festivities

So, tonight my ex is supposed to be coming over to “talk”. Given the horrible mood I have been in since Sunday, this is probably NOT the best time for us to have a conversation. Given the fact that my ex is no longer on medication, this is probably the WORST time for us to see, hear, smell, or otherwise acknowledge each others presence. Call it a hunch, I’m not expecting great communication, open and honest sharing, mutual respect for each others feelings, and a friendly hug at the conclusion.

You may be wondering why, in 2010, with endless technology, we need to “talk” in person. A very good question. The issue here is, when we talk on the phone, he hangs up on me. I. HATE. TO. BE. HUNG. UP. ON!!! Slam a door in my face, scream at me, SPIT in my face if you must, just don’t ever hang up on me. Ever. He does it every time. So, I tried e mailing him. He deletes e mails he doesn’t wish to read. Lovely. So, in the interest of saving my sanity, I told him that any future conversations we have will have to be in person. I need to buy some wine. A lot of wine. Don’t judge me, we all do what we gotta do.

The topics to be covered in this edition of the war of the roses are, as I understand them:

1. Me taking permanent, full custody of all of my children. Ok, nothing would make me happier, however, I already have all but one of my children with me, and he is not giving me any more money than when I only had two children. Also, I live in my friends house, and there are many, many other people living here. Unless I am supposed to hang my son from my over crowded closet, I don’t know where he is supposed to sleep.

2. The fact that since I moved out in August, he has apparently not paid a single bill. I want my house. My children want my house. He wants me to have my children. Now, I am not a rocket scientist, but it seems to me if he would pay the bills, I could have my house, and my kids, and he could go on his merry way. Why am I the only one that sees the beauty in this plan? I don’t know. People should listen to me, I tell ya, I’m smart!

3. The status of our divorce. Hmm, here’s where the curses start to really fly. Depending on the day, he has a lawyer, has papers ready, doesn’t want a divorce, wants me back, wants full custody, wants no custody, what the hell? How do I reason with the unreasonable?

So, yeah, I need to buy some wine. I need to meditate, and go to my happy place where no mean words are spoken, clouds are pink marshmallows, and pretty unicorns poop jelly beans, cause this is gonna be one HELL of a night!

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2 Responses to Tonights festivities

  1. Jenn says:

    Thanks Rachel. Divorce is ugly, no matter what the situation, but we are really trying to keep the kids best interests in mind.

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