Ok, so I am really, truly, very angry right now. At a lot of people. About a lot of things. I was planning on posting today a sort of holiday recap, but now, now people have gotten on my last nerve, so I am venting.

I love online social networking. I really, truly love it. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, got ’em all. I have met amazing people because of these and other sites, people I would have never met otherwise. I have reconnected with dear friends I haven’t seen in over 20 years. These things are invaluable to me. Here is my problem. People don’t understand online etiquette. I am about to give a crash course, pay attention.

1. If I have ever slept with you, either for one night, one month, or one lifetime, it is perfectly ok with me if you read my blog. I want you to read my blog, you may just understand me better. Tell your friends to read my blog! All readers are welcome here. You can not, under any circumstances question me about the contents of my blogs, tweets, facebook updates, etc. These are my thoughts, shared with whomever may choose to read them. Leave a comment if you would like (I LOVE comments!) DO NOT call me, text me, e mail me or contact me any other way to inquire what something means, if it is about you, etc.

2. If I have ever been married to you, again, feel free to read on. Comment away, with the knowledge that I reserve the right to delete your comment if you feel the need to be a douche cake. Your girlfriend is welcome too. She has already proven herself to be a douche cake however, and her comments will continue to be deleted until she learns how to handle herself like a lady.

3. While we are on the subject, if you happen to be dating someone I was married to, keep my childrens’ names out of your mouth, and for the love of all things Holy, never, EVER disrespect one of my babies again if you value your life at all. Really? Get some class and grow the hell up, ok?

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